Digital Revolution for Easy Health Care: A Comprehensive Marketing Triumph 

Navigating from Zero to Hero: Easy Health Care’s Journey with The Digital Juice 

The Challenge

Market Presence 

Easy Health Care, aspiring to make a significant impact in Queensland, Perth, and Sydney, faced the daunting task of building a client base from scratch in these competitive markets.

Problem Highlight: Despite their exceptional services, the challenge was to effectively reach and engage potential clients, transforming them from mere leads to loyal customers.

Our Strategy

Tailored 'Done for You' Service with Innovative Solutions

We crafted a robust ‘Done for You’ strategy, encompassing everything from traditional marketing to cutting-edge digital solutions. 

Strategy Highlights

Innovative QR System Implementation

Integrating a QR code system for easy access to their services, enhancing customer interaction and data collection.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Creating and launching five distinct advertising campaigns, each resonating with the specific audience of the targeted state. 

Workshops and Print Assets

Conducting workshops for strategic alignment and designing compelling print materials for brand consistency. 

The Execution

Strategy in Action

Multichannel Campaigns

Implementing High-Impact Campaigns

Multi-Channel Digital Outreach

Our execution spanned across various channels, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. The QR system played a pivotal role in bridging offline and online marketing efforts.

Events and Sponsorships

Utilising the Disability Connection Expo for broad exposure, Easy Health Care emerged as a naming sponsor, significantly elevating their brand profile.

Lead Nurturing

Beyond initial engagement, our advertising strategy included methods to nurture leads, turning interest into commitment.

The Results

Beyond Expectations 

Successful Outcomes

The campaign’s success was evident, with Easy Health Care gaining over 50 clients in each targeted state, surpassing initial expectations.

“The Digital Juice’s holistic approach revolutionised our marketing efforts, resulting in unparalleled growth.”

– CEO of Easy Health Care.

Metrics Highlight

Notable improvements in conversion rates, online visibility, and overall market presence.

We Skyrocketed Easy Healthcare's Expansion Across 4 States

From Local to Nationwide, we devised a powerful strategy, blending traditional and digital tactics to supercharge Easy Healthcare’s expansion


Expansion into QLD, VIC, NSW and WA.


Search Impressions on Google


Client Engagement


Growth in Organic Traffic

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