Strategic Expansion for Physio First: Elevating Health Care Across Melbourne

From One Clinic to Five: How Physio First Achieved Growth with The Digital Juice

The Challenge

Clinic Network

Physio First aimed to expand its reach across Melbourne by establishing clinics in new locations. The goal was to grow from a single clinic to multiple prime locations.

Problem Highlight: Despite their dedication to providing quality physiotherapy services, Physio First faced challenges in reaching new client bases in different areas and converting them into loyal patients.

Our Strategy

Comprehensive Marketing Blueprint

To drive growth for Physio First, we designed a comprehensive marketing plan encompassing our expert digital strategies.

Strategy Highlights

Data-Driven Advertising Campaigns

Tailoring ads to target specific demographics and regions in Melbourne, maximising conversion rates and optimising ROI. 

Integrated Digital Platforms

Leveraging online booking systems and a user-friendly website to streamline client interactions and boost engagement.

Targeted PPC Advertising

Launching pay-per-click campaigns on search engines and social media platforms to increase clinic visibility and attract new patients in each target location.

The Execution

Putting the Plan into Action

Strategic Marketing Campaigns

We executed multi-channel campaigns across social media, search engines, and email marketing to drive traffic and increase conversion rates at each new clinic location.

Follow-Up and Patient Retention

A focus on maintaining client relationships through follow-up campaigns and exceptional service ensured continued growth and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

The Results

Outstanding Growth and Expansion

Successful Outcomes

Physio First successfully expanded to five prime locations across Melbourne, with a surge in patient numbers at each site.

“The Digital Juice’s innovative approach transformed our business, enabling us to grow rapidly and establish a strong presence across Melbourne.”

– CEO of Physio First

Metrics Highlight

Notable increases in patient volume, conversion rates, and brand recognition across all new locations.

Our Strategy Skyrocketed Physiofirst's Expansion to 5 Hotspots in Melbourne!

From humble beginnings to 5 new prime Melbourne locations, our digital strategy played a pivotal role in driving Physiofirst’s expansion.


New Locations in Prime Melbourne Locationa


Increase in Leads


Conversion Rate


Return on Ad Spends on Google Ads

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