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Every business needs more sales and revenue

Our money-making digital strategies will create a torrential downpour of leads for your business. That means ready-to-buy [yes, that’s right] customers knocking on your digital door. Are you ready to explode your sales? Then let the professionals handle it, while you sit back, relax and watch the money needle move.

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Search engine marketing - SEM

One of the fastest ways to generate income for your business is Google Adwords. Can you imagine your website popping up first in Google for specific keywords? We can. The way it works is you essentially bid for keywords [sounds simple, right?]. Well, most people get this part wrong. The key to Google Ads is to use the art of persuasive language coupled with the right keyword strategy. We ensure that your ads make a strong connection with your audience turning impressions to clicks then clicks into leads. And, BOOM! Watch your sales explode.

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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook can be a real revenue-generator for some industries. We aren’t talking about your standard vanity metrics [likes, comments, etc. these are all still very important] we’re talking about what you want [that’s cold-hard cash]. Facebook’s Advertising platform has detailed audience targeting and retargeting features that gives you [us] the ability to sell your product/service to the exact people who want to buy it [and] on top of that we’ll help you find new customers. Think of it as the gift that keeps giving.

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Youtube Advertising

Guess what? The second-largest search engine in the world is Youtube. How do you use Youtube to benefit your business growth? It’s simple, nothing works better than telling a good story through video [that’s right, you guessed it]. We all love a good story, it’s an innate trait of ours as human beings. A powerful story will captivate your viewer’s attention and pique their interest. Then the story goes like this [que drums] attention>enquire>lead>convert>more revenue. Don’t overcomplicate it for your business, let our expert team create the right strategy.

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Google Shopping

Are you hungry for quick wins for your business? Well, if you have an e-Commerce site then Google Shopping is your answer. It’s essentially an extension of your inventory [great way to showcase your products on Google]. With a 30% conversion rate, it’s visual and easily accessible. Your customers’ [and your business] having been praying for this, and guess what? Your prayers have been answered. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a great tool for when your business needs more business! It’s the first step in the sales cycle, and, used effectively, can be a huge financial asset to your business. It enables inbound and outbound leads and uses platforms such as digital, social and email campaigns to target your desired audience and customer base.

Why should I use Lead Generation?

Initiating, identifying and capturing customer interest is a critical component of any marketing strategy. Lead generation can optimise your program, identify new opportunities to increase performance and efficiency, and capture more, higher quality inbound and outbound leads.

What’s the difference between Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation?

Glad you asked! The goal of inbound lead generation is to attract people that are already searching for your product or service, but just haven’t come across your specific business yet. Outbound lead generation involves reaching out to people in a more traditional method, such as phone calls and advertising with TV commercials, radio ads or print advertisements.

How do you implement it?

With so much experience under our belt, we utilise our extensive business and customer databases to drive the correct traffic to your doorstep. We don’t just blast everyone, we utilise user data from your website, or other forms of data obtained to learn more about your customer base and drive qualified users (that is, people who fall within your target market) to your business using tools such as online advertising, email, and social media to name a few.

Why should I choose The Digital Juice to look after my Lead Generation?

Our know-how matches your project needs with industry-leading expertise while carefully crafting correct techniques that are bespoke to your business needs. We tailor our approach to your current target audience as well as your desired outcomes and go to work on coming up with the perfect game plan to have your inbox filling up and phone running hot.

Lead Generation

When your business needs more business, it’s time to get your message in front of the right audience. Our expert team has got you covered.

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