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Your website is your online salesperson

Our websites are crafted by our in-house team. We create mobile responsive, user friendly and lead generating websites that convert traffic into [paying] customers.

Mobile Responsive

Our attractive websites are built with a mobile-first approach. We know your customers are on mobile so mobile is important to us.

User Friendly

User experience is an underlooked element of websites. We help unlock your business’s potential by focusing on your user’s website experience.

Lead Conversion

Maximise your business’s online presence by having a website that converts website visitors into [paying] customers. 

Anyone can make you promises. We've got proof.

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Our website recipe is











eCommerce Websites

There is a degree of mastery when it comes to converting website traffic into paying customers – it’s a fine art. We build our websites with our secret recipe that flips window shoppers into buyers.

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Custom Built Websites

Transform your business into an online money-making machine. This example is perfect for brick-and-mortar stores that want to start making money online. Brow & Lash Co has four stores across Australia. We transformed their website into a sleekly built well-oiled revenue-generating eCommerce site that allows customers to book for their services and purchase their online course [which we built]. 

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Industry specific websites

We know what it takes [success formula] to deliver your message through your website. Our industry-specific websites are created to position your business as an industry leader [don’t worry, we already know you are].

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Did you know?

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson, it’s your online money maker for your business. The average conversion rate for websites is 2% – 5%. If 100 people visit your site only up to 5 of them will convert. What happens to the other 95 people? Well, the visitors that don’t convert will be retargeted through social media ads and will come back to your website to be converted into paying customers.

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Before & After The Digital Juice

Before The Digital Juice

Immunity Care’s website before our amazing team redesigned it.

After The Digital Juice

We implemented our four-step process – discover, design, develop and deliver. And, deliver we did!

We've Got The Answers

What is a website?

Put simply, a website enables your business to be seen and increases the likeliness of it being found by potential clients on search engines like Google. It’s your 24/7 salesperson.

It assembles text, images, videography, blogs, contact forms and other mediums of online information. It allows your company to be seen and increases the likeliness of it being found by potential clients, interested parties, and customers.

It’ll allow your existing customers to stay up to date with your products and services, and offers you – the company, to show off what it is that makes you great.

What is Web Design?

It’s the client attraction for customer action. Web design is about flashing your best assets and done right – it’ll deliver you endless leads. Building a website is one thing, but investing in web design that makes a big first impression, well… that will lead to your business’s financial success.

Why do I need a website?

In an online world, it pays to be seen. In fact, having your brand appear online is the most accurate and cost-effective business decision you can make. Good web design will plug the hole of wasted marketing spend and vague social media strategies while significantly amplifying your company’s presence.

Do I need a new website?

You’ve heard of the elevator pitch. Well, the same applies to your website. Open up your website’s homepage and if within 11 seconds you cannot accurately identify who your company is, what it offers, and how to get in contact, well then it’s time to talk to us at The Digital Juice about a redesign

Why should I choose The Digital Juice to build my website?

Not only do we have 20 years combined experience in web design, but we have a love for human behaviour and an interest in customer and human psychology. It’s helped us dial up a conversion framework that blends engaging design, technical development and real-time data – and we do it better than anyone else!

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